Monday, March 5, 2012

3/4 Dynamic Bench @55%

Today was dynamic bench day.. Bar loaded with straight weight at 55%.. We followed up with heavy 5 board presses and dumbbell rows. We have our accessory work dialed down to only 2 accessories per workout as we get closer to the meet.. Dan Berlin one of our original lifters who moved to Norwood joined us.. Although Dan hasnt been training with us.. He's been staying strong! Dan is quite the accomplished gymnast.. his upper body strength is just awesome.. at 182lbs, he is benching well over 300lbs.. which is nearly twice bodyweight!

Justin: 135x 8 sets of 3
Dan: 155x 8 sets of 3
Nick & Fred: 195x 8 sets of 3
Ed: 205x 8 sets of 3

5 board:
Justin: worked up to 315
Dan: worked up to 405
Ed : worked up to 495
Nick & Fred: 315x3 365x3 385x2 405x1 425x1 455x1 465 (fail)

 Dumbbell rows: 120x 4 sets of 15-20

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