Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/12 Max Deadlift Test Day!

Kellie & Justin started the day out in the AM Crew with some strong pulls.. Kellie set a PR with a 255 pull, and Justin hit 335. Great job guys! Video below.. Kellie.. Knees don't let that right knee fold in!! ;)

I went to the gym at about 5pm and all was going strong.. I was feeling good and the weight was feeling light.. pulled 135/225/315/405/495/545 and a new PR of 565.. then it all went bad... I went for 585 (6 plates).. took a big breath, pulled fast.. and WHAM .. I felt like I got stabbed in the back with a knife. Lift over. The weight came about 3 inches off the ground and went back down.. in retrospect, I know what happened.. Psyching myself up for the big pull, I took such a big breath, I didn't get fully down to the bar, and the weight rolled out in front of me instead of coming up my shins and it became a back pull off the ground.

I've got 3 weeks till the meet.. and hopefully plenty of time to heal! I am going to lay off any heavy D/Ls and Squats til then.. maybe do a little speed work after 7 days or so.

Fred finished up by working up to his 500lb opener which went up with ease.

Great job all!


  1. great job guys! ouch nick! hope your back feels better soon :)

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