Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/12 Max Deadlift Test Day!

Kellie & Justin started the day out in the AM Crew with some strong pulls.. Kellie set a PR with a 255 pull, and Justin hit 335. Great job guys! Video below.. Kellie.. Knees don't let that right knee fold in!! ;)

I went to the gym at about 5pm and all was going strong.. I was feeling good and the weight was feeling light.. pulled 135/225/315/405/495/545 and a new PR of 565.. then it all went bad... I went for 585 (6 plates).. took a big breath, pulled fast.. and WHAM .. I felt like I got stabbed in the back with a knife. Lift over. The weight came about 3 inches off the ground and went back down.. in retrospect, I know what happened.. Psyching myself up for the big pull, I took such a big breath, I didn't get fully down to the bar, and the weight rolled out in front of me instead of coming up my shins and it became a back pull off the ground.

I've got 3 weeks till the meet.. and hopefully plenty of time to heal! I am going to lay off any heavy D/Ls and Squats til then.. maybe do a little speed work after 7 days or so.

Fred finished up by working up to his 500lb opener which went up with ease.

Great job all!

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  1. great job guys! ouch nick! hope your back feels better soon :)