Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/22 - 10 Days out of the 3/31 Meet

As we get closer to meet day, we are tapering down our training so we are in full strength for the meet. There is no accessory work at this time, and we are picking one or two items for each lifter to work on based upon their strengths, weaknesses, and type of lifting.

For the raw lifters, we worked on weights about 90% of the 1RM Max but for 3-5 Reps with a minimum of 1 forced rep. At this point, working 1RM max to a single failure isn't going to do much, so dropping down a bit to work on the form at 90% and going to failure was our plan.

We also worked with Justin adjusting his foot setup ever so slightly, he had went from a fully tucked arch to a feet-out-front setup, and I felt he wasn't getting sufficient leg drive.. we tucked his feet slightly back, and he was able to get much more leg drive into his bench.

Justin did 4 sets of 205 for 3-5 Reps, and Kellie did 4 set of 115 for 3-5 Reps.. Kellie also made a nice lift at 120lbs for a strong single.

Since I am lifting shirted, I elected to do some close-grip bench pressing to really work the tri's as I am going to do my heavy shirted opener on Sunday.. I did 4 sets of 345 for sets of 4 off assorted boards with close grip.

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