Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/5 - Monolift Squatting at Boston Barbell

Tonight, Justin and I (Nick) took a field trip to Mark Rioux Jr.'s gym, Boston Barbell in Attleboro for some squatting.. Boston Barbell is a super-equipped powerlifting gym with tons of specialized equipment not found at many gyms, including a Monolift Squat Rack.

Pic of a monolift:

A Monolift Squat rack is a huge Rack which allows a squatter to squat the weight without "Walking it out".. once the lifter gets under the bar, and squats the weight up, the spotters pull a handle which allows the hooks holding the bar to move forward.. the lifter now squats down and up, and the hooks move back into place.. this keeps the lifters feet planted and setup up properly without any danger of taking 1-2 steps backwards with 5/600++ lbs on his or her back!

But along with this, comes a slightly new technique that must be learned and with the meet 4 weeks out, we wanted to work on this.. We started off light, working with bottoms only up to about 425lbs.. trying to work the bugs out and get the right bar height, setup, and achieve a balanced lift-off.. the first few squats were kind of dicey! After 4 or 5 lifts, we sorted out the form and proceeded to move up to 515 and 545 which was a new full-depth PR for me..

Everyone at Boston Barbell was real supportive of everyone else and it was an awesome atmosphere.. even though it was our first day there, and really didn't know anyone.. everyone  was willing to pitch in to spot us and work the monolift!

We look forward to heading back over Boston Barbell in 2 weeks for the last monolift training before the meet and taking my squat to failure so I have an idea where I'll be come meet time. Based upon today's lifts, I think I have a shot a 565/575 if all goes well.. STAY TUNED!

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