Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20 - Nick visits an Orthopedic Dr. with some good news!

Today, my back was feeling near 100% better, but so I could devise a rehab plan, I needed a professional opinion as to the direction of the injury - Nerve related or Muscular/Soft Tissue. Through a referral of a friend, I sought out Dr. Harry Von Ertfelda of New Bedford MA.. and I want to say Dr. Von Ertfelda is a class act with 40+ years of experience I would refer to anyone. He and I had a good in-depth consultation/conversation surrounding the injury, then he performed some physical tests, wrapping up with an X-Ray of the spine...which he said was in damn good shape for a 39 year old!

Based upon his professional diagnosis, and I tend to agree based upon my limited research, it is a muscular injury.. this is great news, as rehabilitating a muscular injury is immensely easier than disc/nerve related. My plan is to still do only a Bench-Only at the upcoming meet, unless there is some sort of divine intervention ;) - then spend 4-8 weeks rehabbing with some light weights for high reps, and some good supportive accessory work for the lower back such as Good Mornings for reps and Reverse Back Raises. During this time, my plan is to keep my Abs real strong with Weighted Raises and Situps, and keep the Hamstrings strong with High-Rep Glute Ham Raises.. With the Lord's help and some blood and sweat, I should be ready to set some new Records come the next RPS Powerlifting Meet at Boston Barbell this coming October.. Hey, its a long time away, but maybe we will just forget all about any 500lb Squats by that time, and just blast through the 600lb Barrier!

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