Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15 Dynamic Bench Day

Today is dynamic Bench Press day.. Cycle 3, Phase 2.. meaning it is the 3rd lift in our selection of bench press excercises, and in the 2nd phase.. we start each Cycle at 50% of 1RM, then move to 55%, then 60%.. then move to the next Cycle.. Today was Bench Press w/Chains.. at 55%..

All our schedules have been hectic, so today I lifted alone, but Fred, Ed, & Justin are lifting this afternoon.. and Kellie is lifting at home.. 

8 Sets of 185lbs + 40lbs of Chains, 3 Reps each..

Finished up bench with a Reverse-Grip Bench Press.. 2 sets of 20 Reps each..
Then moved on to JM Tricep Presses.. working up to 185 x 4 reps...
I ended the workout with some Elbow-Lat Pulldowns.. using the Lat Pulldown machine, and the Arm Sling from a Hanging Leg Ab Raise.. this really focuses the pull on the lat.. as you face the opposite way from the machine, and pull down by forcing your upper arm/elbow into the arm sling.. I will try and get some pics up for all!

Tomorrow is a Max Squat Day.. then Wednesday is our Bench Press Shirt Test day.. stay tuned!!

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