Monday, January 16, 2012

Why making mistakes sometimes is a good thing...

I had a good day at the gym today. Actually my squat form sucked. But the reason I had a good day, is I actually noticed, and felt, and realized exactly when and how my form was breaking down. I think this is such a key point.. We were doing max-effort Box squats with Chains, and after doing 3 sets of 455+40lbs chain, I went for the PR with 500+40.. and when I walked it out, I immediately felt my right foot was half inch back of the left (Too late to correct at this point..already on way down).. and then I felt my chest want to fall forward.. but when I realized it, I didn't let it get away from me and arched back and muscled the lift back into place.. like I said, honestly my form was shit, but I sensed it. Call me a whacko, but I take it as a win.

A: I still finished the lift legally, and
B: I took my form to point of breaking down, and pulled it back together....

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