Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wed 1/25 Max Effort Bench Press w/Chains

PM Crew:
Tonight was an exhausting night! We did a total of 7 Sets after warmup.. with 40lbs of chains as follows:
225x1, 255x1, 275x1, 285x1, 295x1 315x1, 225x7 (All plus 40lbs)
The lift of the night goes to Ed Osgood with a strong showing at the 315 + 40lbs of chains.. videos below!

AM Crew:
Kellie & Justin did a great job today.. Kellie hit a new PR, pressing 95lbs + 40lbs of chain for 135lbs total, and Justin hit a PR as well, with 205lbs + 40lbs of chain for 245lbs.

This workout is followed up with Tricep Rope Pushdowns, Dumbbell Raises to the front, and Close Grip Seated Rows..

PM Crew to follow!


  1. awesome! that looked really solid Kel, think you could handle a couple more plates on there ;)

  2. hahah well.. I am over my last meet 1rm of 95.. up to a solid 120ish.. with out the chains of course.. so I am pleased with numbers so far, but what my kind husband did NOT post.. was the lift 5 lbs heavier than this that I buried on..