Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday Training Log - Max Effort Squat Day
Exercise: Box Squats Future Method

Box Squats "Future" is when you attach a band to the TOP of your squat rack so that the band relieves some of the weight while you are down in the bottom of the squat, allowing you to squat more weight.. but once you are half-way up, the band tension is gone - and you are working on squatting weight more than you normally could.. so you are working Super-Maximal Weight.

This Max-Effort lift is combined with accessory work:   Good Mornings w/Bands, Glute-Ham Raises, and Weighted Situps...

Great job to our lifters...

Kellie - 335lb Box Squat
Fred - 515lb Box Squat
Justin - 275 Box Squat
Nick - 545lb Box Squat

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