Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lakeville Lifting Crew Max Deadlift Test Day.. BIG MAC ATTACK IS BACK!

Today 1/9 was Max Deadlift Test day, and we all learned something today... Fred learned he is fully rehabilitated from his Hamstring injury, and pulled a strong 500 deadlift.. He warmed up 135/225/315.. all pulling real easy.. 405 went up fast.. and 500 looked easy...   first time deadlifting in several months! Great job Fred! 530+ should come easy at meet time for Big Mac!

I learned not to change your plans on the day of the max lift! My plan was to pull 135/225/315.. then 455..525..545.. Well the plans went good up to 315.. I was too lazy to re-rack 405 into 455,, so I pulled 405, then decided I was going to try wearing a Squat suit while deadlifting.. (my first time ever..).. then I loaded up a 545 PR and totally bombed it.. I couldn't get down with the Squat suit, and end up turning it into an ugly stiff legged deadlift! Live and learn.

Justin learned a bit more about his form, and keeping his shoulders behind the bar.. He struggled at first with 315, after warming up 135-225.. but then dropped to 245.. re-sorted out the form, and worked his way back up to a strong 285! Great job Justin!! 2nd time deadlifting...

Kellie blew threw her Competition meet max of 205.. with a strong 225.. then upped it to 235 and yanked fast and strong! She definitely has a few more pounds in the till! All that Hamstring work sure paid off for Kellie!

Big Ed is still recovering from his back injury.. so he passed on this test.. but based upon his last week's bench presses.. noone would know he was ever injured!

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