Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wed 1/18 - Max Bench Press Test Day

Everyday we learn something, and although there were very few clean lifts today, I think we all improved our readiness for the meet. Fred and I really saw how important it is when Shirted Benching to not only have the right form, but actually have the shirt on consistently right. Last Max Bench test, Fred put up 365 easily, and hit 385 for about 98%.. but this time, we couldn't seem to get his shirt to seat right, so those numbers were harder this week than last time.

I believe our problem was in sleeve positioning..  Fred took about 4 or 5 Heavy shirt lifts, then proceeded to kill 315 Raw with no problem.. We both agree next time we are going to slow down in the locker, and spend more time on setting up the shirt and rush less..

I had the same problem.. when we got the shirt on me, we warmed up with 315 off a 2 board, which went up quickly and explosively.. 365, I fell out of the groove, but still muscled it up.. moved to 385 and stalled, because I felt the shirt wasn't set up right. At this point, I said to Justin one of our other lifters, "Come on, we are going back in the locker room and re-doing this shirt" .. so we did.. we went in, pulled the shirt off, re-positioned the sleeves, locked them in and headed back out.. This time we went to 405 on the bar, and on first attempt, I got down to about 2" off the chest, and couldn't get down further.. but blasted the weight up strong .. what a difference the sleeve positioning made! I made another attempt at 405.. getting it down to about 1", and again going up strong.. but by this time I was exhausted.. about 5 heavy lifts within 20 minutes.. but I came away with some good knowledge. I think the number for next time is 315 - 2 board, 365 2-board, 405 2-board, 415 Full Range. Videos Below..

Kellie had some setup difficulties as well, she put up 120 easily off a 2 board, but stalled on the full range.. we feel her grip was a little narrow causing a real long range of motion.. another attempt at 115 had the same results.. again.. sometimes a missed lift is a good learning experience as well.

The Highlight reel of the night goes to Ed, who was benching raw and still nursing a bad back injury.. We worked him with a two board up to 325, which was no problem and then he proceeded to hit 315, and 325 raw. Real good job here.. Ed is working on super wide illegals right now to strengthen his power right off his chest. The key to all of us getting stronger is finding our weak points and making them stronger.. Ed has a monster lock out, more than likely capable of 400++.. we just need to rehab his back and work his off the chest..

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