Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting back to meet day... 10/22

Well... getting back to our first meet.. Squats went great for Kellie from there on out.. she nailed both next 2 attempts, for a best of 185lb.. I squatted 455, then went for 475 - a new personal record, and unfortunately my leg drive was too much for my upper body, and I didn't keep my chest up, so the weight went forward, and I didn't complete the 3rd lift.. but hey.. 455.. I'll take that one! For Bench press, I opened up with 315, which I pressed easily, then 345 .. which went up pretty easy.. and for my 3rd lift, went for 365 which I lost control of at the top of the lift, and it flared over my  head... no good.. Kellie was successful at all 3 attempts, finishing with a best of 95lbs.. finishing up with Deadlift, Kellie killed all 3 lifts, finishing with a best of 205.. I opened with 405, which went up easy.. then 455.. which went easy.. and for a new Personal Record, I needed a 500lb deadlift to achieve a "1300" grand-total of all 3 lifts.. my best at the Gym was 495.. and it was heavy.. but I focused on what I had to do, and with some good advice from a seasoned lifter who I met at the meet .. also named Nick..  I pulled hard and fast and made the lift! 500lbs.. new PR.. 1300 Total.. not bad for a first meet! ... plus I overcame watching a fellow lifter unfortunately snap his wrist while warming up for the bench press.. that took some strong mind control for me... here I was about to go up and lift myself.. and I literally watched a brother lifter's wrist SNAP right in front of me .. about 4 feet away.. I heard it go "POP".. under some more good advice from my new found friends at the meet.. they told me.. "Erase that from your mind.." .. and so I did!!! Stay tuned for our updated training logs.. and follow along with us as we get ready for our next big meet.. March 31st, 2012! I am looking for a 1500lb total.. looking for 1100 lbs between Squat and Deadlift.. and a 400lb bench.. That would be an amazing gain for me .. 200 lbs in about 5 months.. Kellie's progress has been going great.. and she is looking for some big numbers.. Her bench is now up to about 120lbs.. she's squatting nearly 225.. and looking to deadlift mid-200's.. we are testing Deadlift next monday and we will let you know! Our coach, Fred will be joining us in this upcoming meet.. his first in about a year.. and he is looking BIG TIME stronger than his last meet where he finished 485 Squat/315 Bench/525 Deadlift.. he's too humble to admit it.. but I think he is going to hit mid 500's Squat.. damn near 400 bench.. and mid 500's Deadlift.. Stay tuned for the results!!!!

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