Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/8 Dynamic Bench Day w/Chains

Today was our first day working with Chains.. Chains are like bands in that it provides variable resistance.. because at the bottom of your rep, the chain is sitting on the floor - not adding any weight to the lift.. but as you press the barbell up, the chain rises off the floor.. and thereby makes the lift heavier - improving lockout.

Today's lifters worked roughly 40% of 1RM plus 40lbs of chains for 8 sets of 3 - Dynamic Benching.. not looking for max weights, but rather max eccentric speed in the lift... teaching us to LIFT FAST. the following weights:
Justin:   115 + 40lbs Chain
Nick, Ed, Fred :  175 + 40lbs Chain

We missed Kellie at today's lifting.. she sacrificed her lifting for her children today... Thats a good mommy!!

We followed up the Main lift, with a 4-board bench press - working Tricep lockouts, High Intensity, Low volume.. Lifters as follows:

Justin: 255 + 40lbs of Chain
Nick, Ed, Fred: 355 + 40lbs Chain

Other accessory lifts were Front Dumbbell Raises, and Lat Pulldown to the front with a Close-Grip row handle..

Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog for results from our Deadlift Max Test Day.. and we will be following up next week, for Next Wed's Max Bench Press w/Shirt..!

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