Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dynamic Bench 1/22

Today we got the work out in early.. hey big Pats and Giants game today!! Our workout consisted of the last cycle of our our Speed Bench with Chains.. this was at approximately 55% of 1 rep max + 40lbs of chains which put us at about 65% 1 RM max.. if you have been following, you know the chains add weight to the lockout portion of the rep.. Fred and I(Nick) did 190 + 40lbs of chains, 8 Sets of 3, Justin did 135 + 40lbs of chains, and Kellie was 65lbs with no chains, because her max bench is 120lb.. chains should never be more than 10-15% of your 1RM..

Fred worked a close grip on bar, which really put the emphasis on his Triceps .. I took a medium grip, just inside the rings, and Justin went with a wide grip, because we have found he is weakest on the wide grip, which incorporates the Lats and Back into the bench, and he needs the most work there..

Our accessory work incorporated a flared elbow tricep extension (I'll post a video shortly, this is great exercise to work your bench lockout), some smith-machine military presses (Fred & Ed are great this exercise, Fred finished up with 245 x 4 reps..).. then finally some heavy Barbell rows, where I worked up to 265x10, Fred 225, Justin 155..

Tomorrow is Max Squat/DL day where we will be doing Rack-pulls from chains, working the Deadlift.. stay tuned!

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