Monday, January 2, 2012

About us.. who we are.. and why we do it

My name is Nick Surdis.. father of 5 children.. married.. age 39. In August of 2009, I made a life changing decision to get into weightlifting.. and hell-bent to not give it up after a few weeks like most do. Here's the story leading up to that decision..  During my teenage years, I played High School and College football.. and was always a "Big Kid".. weighing 260-270 at 6 feet tall... After the Pro Football dreams didn't happen, my 260lbs turned to 260 porky pounds! When I was 22 or 23 I decided I wasn't happy with what I had become, so changed my diet and took up jogging..  well .. who would've thought, but I was a regular Forest Gump. I would run and run and run.. I was up to 7-10 miles 3-5 times a week.. at my lightest, I was weighing in at 178 pounds back in 1990.. all was good.. Fast forward to 2009.. I had given up running several times, but always came back to it.. it was a good way for me to eat what I wanted, and stay around that 200-210 mark.. I was back up to running at least 5 miles, 5 times a week.. Then that day in August 2009 came.. I happened to see a Bench Press somewhere... and I said "What the hell.. let me give it a shot.. ".. to this day, I can't remember what my max bench was back in school.. but I know I was always good for at least 225 10+ reps.. at my weakest! I figured.. let me throw 135 on the bar and see how it feels... ummm... HEAVY.. wow... well.. It must be just my joints being rusty.. (or my 37 year old body..).. let me try 185 pounds.. That went real well. So well that I had to call someone to yank it off me. 185 pounds. Wow. That was where it really hit home... Back in 09 the economy was still faultering.. and great deals could be had on used fitness equipment on Craigslist.. I grabbed myself a bench and about 245 lbs in weight for $160 .. the game was on. I kept my eyes open for more weights and grabbed some dumbbells and a few more plates.. and I began lifting. I was hell-bent on not giving up.. 5 days a week I was lifting.. all basic "Progessive Overload" 8-6-4-2 rep stuff.. I didn't have any training.. I just figured.. lets lift some weight..  It was like a drug for me. It only took a few weeks to be able to bench that 185... and on December 24th of 2009 (I remember the day...) I hit 225lbs for 1 rep. Awesome. One happy dude here. Back to bench pressing two plates. Even if it was only once! I continued to work on for a solid year.. until Spring of 2010.. Now I was up to a 315+ bench press..  my good buddy Fred, who started lifting a little before me, inspired me to begin Squatting and Deadlifting... Never did those before.. those weren't cool exercises in high school.. but what the hell.. lets give that a try.. grabbed a squat rack on Craigslist for $50 and we were off! Over the next year, my friend Fred (Yes, thats his real name) started attending some powerlifting meets, and inspired me to try one as well! The next powerlifting meet was to be October 22nd, 2011.. Now I had something to train for! Stay tuned for next entry for my trip to the meet - and guess who came along ?? My awesomely athletic and inspiring wife, Kellie. Yes, a chick who powerlifts! (and looks damn good doing it!)

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