Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16 Max effort squat day w/chains

Today we will be hitting max effort box squats..with about 40lbs of chains..looking for 3 sets over 90%.. Stay tuned!!.

4PM Update:
Everyone did great this AM.. I finished w/495 on the bar plus 40lbs of Chains for 535.. and in critiquing myself, my form wasn't at my best. I was tired from doing 455+40 for 2 sets prior.. I let my chest fall forward, but luckily I caught myself before I was too far gone, plus my right leg was staggered back about 1/2 inch behind the left.. little stuff you wouldn't notice unless you really looked at it, but I am glad I am starting to notice when and how my form breaks down.. thats the first step to fixing. Fortunately, I've been training Good Morning's heavy, so I was able to power my chest back up and finish the lift.

Kellie ended up with 225+40lbs of chains for a new PR of 265.. Video to follow!

Accessory work was Dumbbell Rows (120x15), Weighted Situps, and Stiff Legged deadlifts.. working up to 315x8..

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