Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/20 Dynamic Box squats w/bands..on 2hrs sleep!

Today was the last cycle within the 3 weeks of dynamic box squats with bands.. Every 3 weeks we rotate our dynamic exercise, and within the 3 weeks, we lift at 50% week 1, 55% week 2, and 60% week 3 of 1RM.. 10 sets of 2.. Focusingon the eccentric speed.. Today Nick and Fred lifted 245+ blue bands.. Justin 155, and Kellie (She-Ra) 135... We followed up with accessory work as follows: Heavy good mornings (Nick up to 405, Fred & Justin to 225, Kellie to 135) Reverse hamstring raises with plates Weighted situps Today, Ed was still working on his back rehab so he didn't squat with us but worked on some back supporting accessory work... Stay tuned. For tomorrow which is our last cycle of dynamic benching with chains!! Oh yea.. What about the 2 hrs sleep? We had our first snowfall last Nick was plowing 2am to 5am..mnithing quite like that passing ut feeling with doing good mornings with 405 on your back on 2hrs sleep!!!'

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